Straight out of Newark New Jersey also known as the infamous Brick City, JimmySoDope previously known as  Jimmy Dyce aka Young Peter Parker emerges on the scene with a unique sound. The self-proclaimed, “Underground God” is an innovative, intelligent, and creative artist who provides music lovers with an abstract view of his World.  He is the definition of a true artist devoted to the nature of good music for all cultures alike.

“I would much rather be a nude model than a rapper, but I’m too skinny! Honestly, I don’t even like the term “Rapper”. The title that best fits me is an artist or MC, I’m just saying”.

As a child growing up in an era when poverty, violence, drugs and corruption plagued the streets of Newark  JimmySoDope learned some imperative life values which aided in his development plus provided him with a will to win. His father to whom he credits with to being the coolest man ever to walk the Earth, raised him on the soulful sounds of the 1970’s & the 80’s. Great artists such as HeatWave, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Luther Vandross, Al Green, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Sade, Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, Prince, The Gap Band, and many others. However, it is the energy and iconic emcees of the 1990’s Hip-Hop movement that have a greater influence on his music. Artists such as TuPac, Nas, B.I.G, Snoop Dogg, Leaders of the new school , W-Tang Clan, Jay-z, Big L, N.W.A, L.L. Cool J, KRS-ONE, Eric B. & Rakim, EPMD, Redman, Lange Professor, DMX, Nice & Smooth, Gang Starr, and Black Star.

JimmySoDope’s first project Small World was released in spring of 2009 then later added to  in June of 2011. The mixtape expressed his life experiences and hardship as a native of Brick City. Listeners heard a diverse artist who covered a wide-range of topics, a smooth dope flow mixed with lyrical content. Yet, it seemed as if Jimmy Dyce was searching for his voice in a music industry where a great number of rappers are playing monkey see monkey do.

Small World can be streamed or downloaded for FREE

In the spring of 2011, Jimmy Dyce released his second project entitled How 2 Build A Spaceship which received notice from fellow independent artists, producers, and showcase promoters. The following artists are advocates of Jimmy Dyce’s music,  Skotch Davis Independent ArtistApollo Smiff RapperJjanay Speed Singer/ SongwriterK-Mack ProducerOrikl Singer/ Songwriter, just to mention a few.

The recognition increased Jimmy Dyce’s visibility in the Hip-Hop community and earned him several invitations to perform tracks from How 2 Build A SpaceshipRadio shows such as Da Cave Radio, DLS Radio, D.Y.M.E Life Radio, Double Up Radio, Dj Tony Walker Show, featured Jimmy Dyce’s music on their shows. He has performed at Nightingale Lounge, The CIC Club, Epic Night Club, The Spot Lounge, The Block Party Live, The Mansion, Apache Café, Rio Lounge, and others.

How 2 Build A Spaceship can be streamed or downloaded for FREE @

In April of 2012, Jimmy Dyce released what some consider to be a classic body of work after multiple delays The Evolution of Jimmy Dyce was released. This project was met with great reviews from fans, bloggers, and online radio personalities alike. The Project includes production by K-Mack, M.O, Buff billion and includes guest appearances by B.o.B, Appollo Smiff, Jjnay Speed, Orikl, and CeeZo.

The Evolution of Jimmy Dyce can be stream or downloaded for FREE @

In December 2013 Jimmy Dyce release a project titled Est. 1986 , but the project was only available in limited quantities to guests who attended his Welcome to First Class Art + Music Experience Event held on December 17, 2013. The project may be released at a later date, but has not yet been made available.  The event featured music by Jimmy Dyce and Sushi Fresh. The event opened with mixed medium pieces by native Newark artists Dune Beam , Jimmy Dyce, Quan, and Kashana.

In September  of 2014, Jimmy Dyce  alongside Virgina-based rapper Shimmy Akira released a joint project titled Los Reyes, which was hosted by the DJ Genius. Los Reyes includes production by Jordeaux, Beat Attikz, E. Beats, A.Finesse, Kidd Kwan and DJtr3. , Stefan J. Green and includes guest appearances by El Jin.

Los Reyes can be streamed or download for Free @

Between Septemeber 2014 and September 2015 Jimmy Dyce has been featured on multiple tracks alongside, Pream-O, Knew Era , & Murdah Baby, to name a few.

Murdah Baby Feat. JimmySoDope – Wine Slow –

Knew Era ft. JimmySoDope  – The Corner  –

Knew Era ft. JimmySoDope – Streets Calling –

Pream-O ft. JimmySoDope – Good Luck –

In September 2015 Jimmy Dyce  re-emerged on the scene as JimmySoDope and to properly introduce the world to JimmySODOPE , over an 18 week period dubbed #SaturdaySoDope JimmySoDope dropped a new track or poem every Saturday for 18 weeks straight. At the end of that 18 week run the #SaturdaySoDope project was born.

The #SaturdaySoDope project includes production by J Dilla, Stefan J. Green and includes guest appearances by Omar Oneal “The Vizier”, Sushi Fresh, JAO, CyhpTwo, A-Y, Vince The Prince.

#SaturdaySoDope can be streamed or downloaded for FREE @

During that 18-week #SaturdaySoDope run, on November 15, 2015 JimmySoDope released a 5 track EP titled McDopeman : Free Mixtape with every Nappy Meal.

McDopeman includes production by Sounds Fire, Stefan J. Green and includes guest appearances by Knew Era.

McDopeman can be streamed or purchased @

With JimmySoDope being true to his craft he is already hard to work on his next project and has already released two teaser tracks to get the fans prepared for the next offering of lyrical dopeness.

The next project is titled The Art of BREAKING Hearts  and is slated to be released during Summer 2016.

The Art of BREAKING Hearts Teaser Tracks can be streamed here: